Sweet Home Chicago

There is so much to share from my first two weeks. Things have been pretty toasty up here on the 18th floor. Construction workers hit a cold water pipe, so we have been without AC for much of the weekend. Thankfully, I have two windows and a decent breeze coming off the lake. I still cannot get over my view. Sometimes I just lay on my bed and watch the city move along. My room is constantly full of city sounds. In the mornings, I am woken by a lovely (7am) wake up call from the construction workers outside my building. At night I am lulled to asleep by sirens and announcements from the L stop, nearby. As of right now, I am still roommate-less. I am trying my best not to take over the extra dresser, but it is near impossible. I’m going to give it one more week and then I’m breaking loose! FREE STUFF. There is free stuff everywhere. Every time I walk out of my dorm someone is offering me free food or apparel. It is amazing!! I realize that the funding for this ‘free’ stuff is coming out of the check I wrote to Loyola, but I don’t mind. It is all fun in the moment. 🙂

I am so wrapped up in life here that I forget I had a life outside of Loyola (whoops!). I have no idea what is going on in the world right now, I’m not caught up on TV shows, and I haven’t downloaded any music in two weeks. It is nice to focus on the important things (school, friends) and not feel the need to be so wrapped up in this fast paced world.


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