Money Time


I am employed! I am working as a desk receptionists at a freshmen residence hall (BVM). I have only worked one shift, but I already have a feeling this might be the best job ever. BVM has little traffic in and out of the building, so I can work on homework and even watch movies! Basically, I getting paid to do my homework. Crazy. On weekdays, the shifts are split up into 3-4 hour shifts. I will work two shifts during the week and one on the weekend. This allows me to make a little spending money, while not getting too stressed out with everything else going on. I can’t wait to finally have a little spending money to use exploring Chicago!

2 thoughts on “Money Time

  1. Linda Jacobson says:

    Dani… you’re amazing. We really do miss you here. I’m worried things are too much fun and you’ll never come see us again!!!! But seriously, this blog is awesome and such a great way to get a little glimpse into your life. Hope classes aren’t kicking your ass too much and you are enjoying the extra spending moola!…Way to score a great job!

    Love love you and miss you sooooo much! Have so much fun, as we all live vicariously through your adventure!
    Love your bestest untie… Lindalou!


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