Halloween Fun

Happy late Halloween! This year I dressed up as one of the girls from Toddler’s and Tiaras (a popular show about little girls who are in beauty pageants). Yes, I did go trick-or-treating. My friend and I were determined to get a few pieces of free candy (you’re never too old to trick-or-treat, right?). We were amazed not to see ANY kids out trick-or-treating at 6:30, but after a short walk, we turned a corner and found the holy grail of trick-or-treating. There were kids everywhere! They were running up to gorgeous homes that were decorated to a T. Trick-or-treating in the city is 10 times better in the city. All of the houses are close together, which was a change from Halloween in the suburbs where it’s a constant race up the driveway. On top of that, many of the owners would stand by the sidewalk, so little kids wouldn’t have to walk up the steep steps to the porch. Our age was brought up a few times. . we may have fibbed a bit and said we were 17. They must have believed us (or they were too nice to turn us away) because we hit jackpot in the candy department. I wish Halloween was a once a month holiday. I LOVE IT!

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