Skiing with the Fam

Over my spring break, we snuck away to Duluth for a few days. While we were there, we were able to hit up the slopes at Spirit Mountain for a few hours. It was all of our first time skiing in a long time, so we were all a little anxious. I think Georgi, Charli and I were more scared of getting on the ski lift than going down the actual hill. After a couple runs down the hill, we were completely comfortable. That is, until we got stuck at the top of a Blue hill- Georgi and Charli are still convinced it was a Black diamond. There is a picture below of my dad getting ready to make his way down the hill. As you will see, it looks like a complete dropoff (which it basically was). Somehow, we all made it to the bottom in one piece- granted Georgi and Charli practically crawled down the first part of the hill. Literally, CRAWLED. We had a great time, but were sad not to have Tina out there with us. Overall it was a great little getaway and a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors during the winter.


ViewC&DPhotobombEpic Photobomb fail


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