Spring Break Part III

I could not resist sharing a few more pictures from our trip to Florida. I am absolutely in love with the picture of Evyn at sunset! She is definitely the most photogenic kid I have ever met. We were treated to a lovely dinner one night of the trip. The restaurant was right on the water and the perfect place to watch the sunset.
The Sand DollarEvynSunsetOur last day on Anna Maria Island was probably one of my favorite days. We got up early and biked to a made-to-order donut shop. Charli and I could not decided on a single donut for ourselves, so we decided to get a half-dozen and try out all the different combinations. Our favorite donut had a glaze icing and a butterfinger topping. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. It was absolutely delicious! After our donut run, we went for a walk along the beach. During our walk, a pack of at least seven stingrays swam within a few feet of the shore. It was so bizarre to see so many of them up close. We had tons of cool finds. I think we found a total of four sand dollars. I also had a very interesting find… While walking along the shore, I spotted a large dark object getting tossed around by the breaking waves. After wading out into the gulf a bit, I realized it was a huge shell and to my surprise it was still inhabited. We took our pictures with it and gently placed it back in deeper waters.


Beach WalkShell

It is always hard to head home after a great vacation, but I look forward to making many more memories on Anna Maria Island. Until next time, Anna Maria Island!


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