Chipotle Festival 2013

This past weekend was Chipotle’s Cultivate Festival in Chicago (AKA the best event ever put on). My friends and I were prepared this year, unlike last year. We gave ourselves plenty of time to go around to all the stands to load up on free stuff. This year, there was an awesome musical lineup. We arrived at the festival (in gorgeous Lincoln Park) around 1pm. This gave us enough time to get our bearings and stake out a good spot for the first act, The Mowgli’s. We were able to grab a third row spot. We were dripping sweat through the entire performance, but it was so worth it! They closed with their summer hit, San Francisco. It was such an awesome performance. After watching The Mowgli”s perform, we were on a mission. At the Chipotle festival, you can earn a giftcard for a free burrito by going to various activity booths and obtaining a stamp. It’s not as easy as it sounds, though! We had to wait in some long lines. The night closed with a performance by Walk the Moon. I don’t have words to describe how awesome they were. It was unlike any concert I had ever been to. There weren’t people holding up cameras trying to capture every moment. Everyone was fully present in the moment, which made for amazing energy.

Mowgli'sJosh Hogan

Josh Hogan from The Mowgli’s

Colin Dieden from The Mowgli’s
Walk the Moon

Sean Waugaman

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