A Bump in the Road

Chin up buttercup


Madrid, oh Madrid… I feel like I have experienced all the stages of the study abroad emotional rollercoster in one week. During a walking tour the first day, I could not stop excitedly reminding people that we were in Madrid. I fell in love with the winding cobblestone streets and the slower pace of life. I absolutely hated Madrid by the next day. I left my purse in a cab while being moved from the hotel to my new apartment the night before. Of course, my passport, wallet, and iPhone were in the purse. We immediately made calls to various lost and founds around the city. Unfortunately, nothing has turned up. I became disgusted with the city after seeing a man get pickpocketed that same day.

I have finally started warming up to Madrid. I was able to obtain a temporary passport at the U.S. embassy this morning,. This was a huge relief. I was so worried I would not be able to travel outside of Spain. Now that I have a passport, I can receive wired money and buy a cheap spanish phone. It is a bummer that I had to learn this lesson the hard way. Hopefully, the worst is behind me! Never again will I leave a cab without double checking that I have everything. Never!

2 thoughts on “A Bump in the Road

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Danielle. I am so sorry about your loss, but your attitude is great and you will conquer this. We think about you all the time and because we have just been there and it is like revisiting Madrid. Enjoy, enjoy and take care, Love Mormor


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