GuellPark13GuellParkFamilyGuellPark12What a week! The rents arrived last Wednesday, and the next day we jetted off to Barcelona. Barcelona was a dream. The weather was absolutely gorgeous a nice change from the gloomy weather Madrid has had for the past two weeks. We had no plans for Barcelona, so we enjoyed exploring and figuring it out as we went. My favorite part of Barcelona was Güell Park. The area was originally supposed to be a housing complex, but it was never completed and later turned into a park. The park is situated on a huge hill and although there were escalators, it was quite the hike to the top (I think Jay took only stairs). The park had gorgeous views of the Mediterranean and Sagrada Familia. Tina & Jay, come back soon so we can take on more of Spain.


^^^ Pictures do not to this church justice. It is easily one of the biggest churches I have ever seen. ^^^GuellPark7Barcelona3^^^ Barcelona’s very own Arc de Triomf. ^^^

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