Morocco Part I

It is still weird to think that I was on the continent of Africa. Four girls from my program and I went on a guided group trip to Tangier, Morocco. Morocco was high on my list of places to visit, but I was a little wary of planning a trip on my own. When this trip came along, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. We departed from Madrid by bus around 11:30 on Thursday night. It was a rough bus ride… My friends and I got stuck in the last row. We had absolutely no leg room and our seats did not recline. We had to stop two times throughout the night so the drivers could take a break. We finally pulled into Tarifa, Spain at 9:00am on the dot. Due to all of our stops, we missed our ferry by a few minutes. Of course, the next ferry did not leave until 1pm.

We arrived in Tangier around 2:30pm. I really enjoyed taking the ferry across the Gibraltar Strait. It was cool to see Tangier from the water. We immediately started our tour of Tangier when we got off the ferry. We took a bus through the winding hills and saw some amazing views of Spain across the strait. The houses built into the hills reminded me a lot of pictures I have seen of California. We ended our tour with a camel ride on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean. It was pretty cool and made for some fun pictures!

Morocco Morocco Camels 1 DSC_0121Morocco CamelsMorocco Camels 3DSC_0149

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