A Great Weekend in Madrid

Originally, I was supposed to be traveling the French countryside this weekend, but my plans fell through. I was bummed at first, but ended up having a great weekend in Madrid. Many of the students in my program were traveling this weekend. This gave me the chance to get to know a few other students better. I kicked off my weekend exploring a new neighborhood with two friends and grabbing a great lunch.

This weekend was the beginning of Carnaval (Carnival) in Madrid. Carnaval is related to lent and involves a lot of dressing up and celebrating. You can read more about it here. Some friends and I headed out Saturday night to catch the parade. For being first-timers at the parade, we did pretty well. We showed up five minutes before the beginning of the parade and scored an awesome place to stand. We were right in front of Palacio de Cibeles which changed colors throughout the parade. It was the perfect backdrop for our pictures. Parades in Madrid are much different from the U.S. It is obvious that people are not too concerned about getting sued. Parts of the floats would extend into the audience, barely missing people’s heads. We stuck around after the parade to watch the firework show. It was the best firework show I have every seen. The fireworks were synced to the music of an electric guitar symphonic orchestra. I was absolutely blown away. Check out the short video below!

The weather on Sunday was absolutely gorgeous. Everyone was out walking along the river without coats and getting pumped for the soccer game that night. I walked along the river to Atlético Madrid’s stadium to check out the pre-game festivities. Atlético Madrid was to take on Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid. Later that evening, I met up with some friend’s to watch the game at a restaurant near the stadium. On my way there, I heard the stadium erupt with sound when a goal was scored. It was unreal! I really hope I can make it to a game while I’m here. The game ended in a tie 2-2.

Thank you, Madrid, for a great weekend. Now, off to Amsterdam and Brussels on Wednesday!

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