Morocco Part II

Below are a few more pictures from my trip to Morocco. We spent our first full day exploring the Bazar in Tangier with a guide. Once again, I am so happy I went with a guide. The bazar was a maze with constant dead ends. The guide also helped us handle the street vendors (I think there is a better name for them..). They were extremely aggressive and followed us for the entire tour. I reached the point where I could not even say “no, thank you” anymore. I just had to put my head down and ignore them. I felt like a celebrity being hounded by the paparazzi.
Tangier City ViewTangier9Tangier

^^^ The coast of Spain is supposed to be in the background of this picture… I understand not everyone is great with cameras, but c’mon! ^^^
MoroccoMorocco Street ArtMorocco 1Moroccan Spices

Our guide led us to a spice store and rug shop where we received a little presentation on the uses for the different spices and the learned about the traditional rugs.Moroccan RugsMoroccan Rugs

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