Morocco Part III

I promise, these are the last of the pictures from Morocco. This is probably my favorite batch, though. We took a day trip to a small town along the coast called Asilah. The bus ride gave me a small glimpse as to what life is like in Tangier and the surrounding country side. It is difficult for me to explain in words what I saw. One second we saw sprawling estates and the next, a row of shacks. There were herds of animals in the most unusual places. There were cows right up along the road, and sheep grazing in a small patch of grass outside of a housing complex. Everyone seemed to have free reign of the land.

The buildings in Asilah had the most beautiful doors I have ever seen. I could probably do a whole post on pictures of doors in Asilah. I loved the bright colors against the white buildings.

Asilah Morocco 1Asilah MoroccoAsilah Morocco 6Asilah Morocco 4Asilah

^^^ It was so hard to narrow down my pictures from Asilah. There was something to capture everywhere I looked. ^^^
Asilah Morocco 7DSC_0285

^^^ Some delicious Moroccan treats! ^^^Asilah Morocco 10Asilah Morocco 9

^^^ Like I said in the last post, they just kept trying to convince you to buy something. ^^^Road in MoroccoThis is my favorite photo from my trip to Morocco. I snapped the picture from our tour bus while we were stopped at a security checkpoint. It was not meant to be anything special, but I feel like it is the best representation of the Morocco I saw- people on bikes and mopeds, unfinished buildings. I look forward to returning to Morocco and exploring everything else it has to offer.

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