Denmark 2014

I finally got around to editing the last of my pictures from my time in Europe. I finished off my five months abroad in Denmark. My obsession with Denmark is a little out of control… I LOVE IT! The Danish flags plastered in every store front make me so happy.

Before this trip, I had been to Denmark four times, the last time being in 2007 when I was 14. Denmark was so magical as a kid (and still is). I remember exploring WWII bunkers, visiting my great grandparents at their old farmhouse, and stuffing my face with delicious Danish food.

This trip was a little different for me. I was on my own and got to see the country through adult eyes. I spent my 10 days in Denmark with my mom’s cousin, Anja, who is a year or two older than me. She was the best guide a girl could ask for! We spent the first couple night’s with Anja’s parents (my grandma’s sister) and then headed off to Aarhus to stay with my grandma’s brother and his wife. After a few days in Aarhus, it was off to Copenhagen! (I will make a separate post with photos from that leg of the trip.)DenmarkDSC_1116Denmark1DSC_1132Anja and I took a trip out to the sea during my first few hours in Denmark. Driving by all of the summer houses brings back so many great memories. I was so glad that Denmark was just the way I remembered it as a kid.


Danish birthdays are the absolute best! In Denmark, the Danish flag is used as a symbol of celebration.  Danes use them to decorate at birthdays, graduations, weddings, and any other celebration. 
Denmark2Aarhus, DenmarkAarhus, Denmark

Anja and I checked out Den Gamle By (Old Town) on our first day in Aarhus. We both enjoyed walking through all of the old buildings, but we were not too fired up on the cobblestone. The stones were pointed and extremely difficult to walk on. We kept stumbling into each other and having to grab on to walls. It made for some good laughs!

Aarhus, DenmarkAarhus, DenmarkAarhus, DenmarkAarhus, DenmarkWe found a great view of Aarhus from the top of the ARoS museum. I don’t think I will ever fall out of love with the red roofs in Denmark.

Aarhus, Denmark

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