Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

I had not been to Tivoli since I was 10, so it was a must this time around. Tivoli definitely is not on the same level as Disneyland, but it does have its own charm. I would love to visit Tivoli during the holiday season. Anja said they completely decorate the park.Copenhagen, DenmarkCopenhagen, DenmarkDSC_1297Copenhagen

^^^ The buggies in Northern Europe will forever be one of my favorite things. I think they are much cuter than the strollers we use in the states. ^^^Copenhagen, DenmarkCopenhagen, DenmarkCopenhagen, Denmark

We were able to organize a big picnic while I was in Copenhagen. The Danes know how to do picnics! We had delicious food and soaked up the sun in the King’s Garden. We spent the afternoon basking in the sun and catching up (the weather was exceptionally nice).
Copenhagen, DenmarkCopenhagen, DenmarkCopenhagen, DenmarkWe checked out Amalienborg, the royal palace of the Danish monarchy. We had no idea which building was the queen’s, so we pulled out the handy-dandy smart phones to figure it out. Our search was unsuccessful, so we took a guess and had a gentleman take a photo of us in front of one of the palaces. We later found out that we had guessed wrong…

Copenhagen, Denmark Little Mermaid Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark

Brigit was so sweet to treat us girls to a canal tour of Copenhagen. We zipped by the Little Mermaid and saw the crowd of disappointed tourists snapping her picture she hasn’t gotten any bigger since I was there last. LegolandlegolandLegolandlegolandLegoland

Anja, Lisbeth and I visited Legoland on one of my last days in Denmark. I loved Legoland just as much as I did ten years ago. The lego displays are so impressive!Boris, DenmarkAnja and I stopped at my great-grandmother’s grave before meeting some old family friends for dinner. My oldemor lived a long active life (98 years!). I hope I got some of those genes!


On the car ride back from Copenhagen, it hit me that my trip was coming to an end. I suddenly became overwhelmed with emotion and tried to hide my tears from the other passengers in the car. I began thinking about my first week in Spain after loosing my passport, the amazing trips, and all the great people and laughs in between. In my five months abroad, I learned life lessons that could never be taught in a classroom. I am beyond thankful for my time abroad. Even now, as I write this, happy tears fill my eyes. What an amazing experience! Thank you to everyone that made my five months abroad possible.

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