Life lately

Happy first day of fall! Fall is by far my favorite season. I love the changing of leaves, comfy sweaters and football. The fact that my birthday is in the fall may play a part in my obsession also… I haven’t been great at pulling out my DSLR camera lately, so here are some recent photos from my iPhone!

Loyola has its own farmers market ever Monday outside the Loyola el stop. It takes a lot for me not to walk away with bouquets of sunflowers and pumpkins for my mantel.IMG_9756-2.JPGWhile walking through Andersonville, I ran into Molly! What are the chances?! I turned around to wait for my friend to cross the street and sure enough, there was Molly! She was on her way to meet up with a friend, so we only had time for a hug and photo. I love that we live so close for this to be a possibility.IMG_9755-1.JPG


Alana and I spent Saturday morning in Andersonville. The neighborhood was having a small festival with AMAZING food vendors. We stuffed our faces and went into a few cute shops.IMG_9750-0.JPG


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