New York City!

IMG_9953.JPG I spent my fall break in New York with my best friend. Does it get any better?!

We woke up to a downpour Saturday morning. Rain really puts a damper on life when you don’t have rain boots or an effective umbrella… Erin and I forced ourselves to suck it up and venture into the rain. Our first stop was Levian Bakery, a cozy bakery tucked in the the Upper West Side. The cookies at Levian were unlike any cookies I have had before. The were absolutely delicious! We munched on baked goods and attempted to wait out the rain. The rain showed no signs of letting up, so we decided to move on with our day anyway!


A few shots from our walk through the rain. Still so magical!
IMG_9963.JPGWe spent the rest of our rainy morning exploring the MET. My favorite exhibit was the Egyptian temple.IMG_9972.JPGIMG_9976.JPGIMG_9979.JPG

IMG_9993.JPG^^^ My poor wet boots! ^^^IMG_9994.JPGIMG_9997.JPGIMG_9996.JPGIMG_0002.JPGFinally a little sun! Talk about good timing. As we were walking out of the MET, the sun was working on breaking through the clouds. It ended up being a gorgeous afternoon.IMG_0005.JPGIMG_0037.JPGWe walked the East Side and then worked our way over to Central Park. We snapped a few pictures in the reflection of a puddle along the way 🙂IMG_0141-0.JPGIMG_0068.JPGIMG_0052.JPGIMG_0067.JPGWe found ourselves in Washington Square Park that evening. Had to snap a few pics with the arch!IMG_0122.JPG

IMG_0082.JPGIMG_0085.JPGWe spent Sunday morning checking out the Brooklyn Flea and wandering around Williamsburg.IMG_0089.JPGIMG_0091.JPGCentral Park round 2. We were hoping to take a row boat out on the lake, but everyone had the same idea as us that afternoon…IMG_0132.JPGIMG_0137.JPGIMG_0131.JPGIMG_0127.JPGCourtney and I took the train out to Glen Ridge, NJ Sunday night to visit Brittany and her boys. Their house was precious! All the Halloween decorations made me so happy!

Photos taken with iPhone 6

2 thoughts on “New York City!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Danielle. Life is so good, thanks for sharing your trip to NY and visit with Erin.
    Look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. Love Mormor


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