Notre Dame Tailgate

Notre DameNotre Dame


Notre Dame tailgateNotre Dame tailgateNotre Dame tailgate

 I took the train to South Bend early Saturday morning for the Notre Dame game. (Thank you, Colin, for reminding me that 10 years from now, I’m not going to look back and wish I had studied more…) Notre Dame tailgates with the McFadden’s are easily on my list of top 10 favorite things to do in the fall. I have so many great memories of getting up at the crack of dawn to get the perfect tailgate spot. I had to include the picture of the port-a-potties because I die of laughter every time I think of Colin locking people in them when we were kids. Notre DameNotre Dame tailgateNotre Dame tailgateBen's Pretzels- Notre Dame tailgate

^^^ Ben’s Pretzels. Best stadium pretzel I have ever had. ^^^Notre Dame tailgateThank you for a great weekend!

Ps. Notre Dame beat UNC in a not-so-pretty game. But hey, a win is a win! 6-0!

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