The Chicago Marathon

Chicago Marathon

My trip to South Bend was super short because I had to get back to cheer a friend on in the Chicago Marathon! This year was my first time watching the marathon. I am questioning why I have never gone before because I had a really great time. I hustled from my train to the 17 mile mark where I met up with Ashley and her dad. They had been tracking our friend, Beth, with the marathon app and were expecting her soon. I ended up cheering from the opposite side of the course from Ashley because I didn’t want to cut in front of all the runners. So, I just snapped some great pictures of her instead.

I think I may have caught the race bug… I have always sworn that I will never run a big race because I mentally psych myself out. After seeing all the people who finished the marathon, I am starting to reconsider…

Chicago MarathonChicago MarathonChicago MarathonChicago Marathon

Go, Beth, go!
Chicago Marathon

Chicago MarathonChicago MarathonChicago Marathon

I LOVE this photo of Ash. She is always so full of life. A good friend to have around…Chicago MarathonChicago Marathon

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