My Grandmother’s Ravioli

My Grandmother's RavioliMormor’s episode on My Grandmother’s Ravioli airs TONIGHT! We had a blast taping the final meal at the Danish Center. At the meal, a few people around the table were miked, which made for a hilarious time censoring everything that came out of our mouths. There were definitely some pretty funny stories by the end of the evening. My family is so lucky to have such an amazing leading lady. We love you, Mormor!

My Grandmother's Ravioli My Grandmother's Ravioli

Of course, it is impossible for us to act normal when there is a camera around.
My Grandmother's Ravioli

^^^ The young grandkids stealing the show. ^^^My Grandmother's Ravioli And that’s a wrap! My Grandmother’s Ravioli staring Grethe Petersen airs tonight on the Cooking Channel at 7pm CT. Look out for Charli and I whipping up some aebleskiver with Mo Rocca! Kardashian’s, you may have some new competition…!

Mormor’s bio and recipes:

My Grandmother's Ravioli- pancake balls, Æbleskiver

I made those!

(photo credit Cooking Channel online)

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