Pure Joy.

Loyola Chicago Midnight MadnessI was definitely on cloud 9 in the photo above. I had just won a shooting competition at Loyola’s basketball season kickoff, Midnight Madness. I took part in a twitter promotion earlier in the week that won me the chance to compete in a shooting competition at Midnight Madness. The competition was similar to the NBA shooting stars competition that takes place during the All-Star Weekend. I was teamed up with a player from the men’s team and women’s team. My job was to make a lay-up and help sink my team’s half court shot (thankfully, one of my teammates made the half-court shot before I made too big of a fool of myself). We won the first round to make it to the final. I was in the zone and determined to win the final round. I completely forgot about the full arena watching me as the adrenaline started to pump through my body. WE WON! Best. Day. Ever. I got a taste of what it is like to be a D1 athlete and I walked away with an awesome Nike windbreaker.


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