Life Latey

IMG_0711.JPGThis weekend I realized how true the lyrics “home is wherever I’m with you” are. All I need is my family to feel at home (and Indi). I kicked off the weekend with a surprise lunch with the rents and Charli. They had just finished touring Marquette and were passing through Chicago on their way to Valparaiso to watch Georgi’s game. Charli came in clutch and convinced Tina to treat us to Lickity Split (the best/cutest frozen custard place on planet earth).IMG_0714.JPG


IMG_0715.JPGWe all met up again at the Notre Dame tailgate Saturday afternoon. (Thanks for the ride, Molly!) The McFadden’s, like always, had an awesome tailgate. We were thankful to have to a sunny day- it made a huge difference! Once the sun went away around game time, we were freezing. On the drive back to Valpo to drop Georgi off, I was completely content. I am struggling to explain the feeling.. It was a good one, though. I love my family.IMG_0718.JPG

IMG_0712-0.JPGI am undefeated in flag football! My powderpuff team won in high school and last week my co-rec team at Loyola won the championship. I don’t have much else to say on this other than we had a really good team.IMG_0710.JPGI am a part of Loyola’s division of UNICEF. A couple of weeks ago, we volunteered at the Hot Chocolate Run downtown. Our organization received money for every person we had volunteering. We left Loyola at 4:30 a.m. in order to make it downtown with enough time to set up before the race started. We were on Gatorade duty and filled hundreds of cups. As runners ran past, we cheered them on and passed them Gatorade.


2 thoughts on “Life Latey

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Dani. Thank you for sharing you life at school and in Chicago through words and photos. We are looking forward have you to see you at Thanksgiving. Love Mormor


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