An Internship!

2015/01/img_1538.jpgI am so excited to be interning at Wagstaff Worldwide this semester! Wagstaff is a Public Relations agency downtown that specializes in restaurants and hospitality. The staff at the Chicago office is AMAZING! Everyone is so welcoming and funny. I love sitting at my desk and hearing the chatter around the office. I am definitely treated like a part of the team – I even have my own little desk and computer (the one on the right in the photo above)!

I have spent the past two weeks familiarizing myself with the Chicago restaurant scene and current food trends. Some of my tasks during the 4 month program will be to draft pitches, participate in brainstorms, and research media outlets. I am so excited to put my skills to the test and develop skills that can’t be taught in the classroom. On Friday, I accompanied my supervisor to a WGN food segment for one of our chefs. It was super cool to see all the behind the scene details that go into producing a live segment. You can check out Chef Edward Kim’s segment here!


Ps. Shout out to Molly for hooking me up with this great internship. Xoxo





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