Life Lately

Life Lately 1Life Lately 2Life lately 4 Life Lately 3Life Lately 6Life lately 5Life is great! I am finally settling into a routine at my internship and in classes. Life at Wagstaff continues to be everything I’ve dreamed of.  I recently dove into the world of podcasts and it has made my commute a million times better – I commute downtown each day for my internship and classes. I binge listened to all 12 episodes of Serial two weeks ago during my commute. I HIGHLY recommend listening to it. If you are familiar with the series, this SNL skit is a much watch.

Molly treated me to brunch at Tweet. We couldn’t believe it when we saw æbleskiver on the menu! Molly insisted we order it to see if it had any chance of living up to the Petersen æbleskiver. Obviously, it did not. I may be a little biased, but they were definitely nowhere near as fluffy and round as the ones we make at the Danish Center.

I have been stuffing myself with donuts as of late. Glazed and Infused (a Wagstaff client!) had a promotion last week of free coffee and mini donuts. Absolutely no catch! I went three times, well actually 4, but the promotion was no longer going on the 4th time… I now have a dangerous obsession with donuts.

I met up with Colin, Kevin, Molly and Malachy in Logan Square a couple of weeks ago for pizza. The boys were spending the night at Molly’s place before heading off to sunny Palm Springs to meet up with the rest of the Donchetz family. It is always so great to see them, but never feels like we have enough time.

Life with the roomies is still amazing. We spent last Saturday afternoon meandering around downtown. We finally tried out the new Shake Shack and could not have been more satisfied leaving. We burned off the Shake Shack (more like two fries) by checking out the four-story Crate and Barrel on Michigan Ave. Emily and I love fantasizing about our future homes and wedding registries. I guess that’s how you know you’re growing up…


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