The snow storm I didn’t see coming

A load of snow was dumped on Chicago on Sunday. I must be living under a rock because I had absolutely no idea there was snow in the forecast. The photo above is from around 2pm on Sunday. At that point, the snow was pilling up but the wind hadn’t kicked in. By 4pm, it looked like the abominable snowman was throwing up all over Rogers Park. Down every side street, people were pushing cars out of the snow. It was ridiculous. We bundled up and trekked to a friend’s house to watch the Super Bowl. We followed the footsteps left by other brave souls and buried our faces in our coats to avoid the icy wind coming off the lake. If there wasn’t food waiting at my end destination, I never would have ventured out into the calf-high snow.

After the Patriots secured a win, we took the party outside to play in the snow. There is something about running through piles of snow that is so invigorating! At the beach, a mix of sand and snow blew around us as we approached the jagged chunks of ice on Lake Michigan. It was surreal. I felt like I was standing in the middle of a white sandstorm.

The entire night, we waited for an email alerting students that class on Monday was cancelled. That email never came… Of the 9 universities in Chicago, Loyola was the only one that had class. Needless to say, students were pretty mad and took to social media to express their thoughts. A Buzzfeed article captured some of the top tweets.

As much as I love Chicago there are still quite a few things Minnesota does better. One being snow removal. I’m not sure if the street crews were as blindsided as me, or plows just aren’t a thing here because there are still piles of snow all over the streets. I walked to the el Monday morning in the middle of the road because there was still a foot of snow on the sidewalk (a fantastic way to start off a Monday). The struggle is real! Be thankful for those cars, Minnesotans!

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