A Bit from the Internet

pug-chillin'I come across great bits of information in my communications classes and other corners of the Internet that I want to share with anyone who will listen! I am thinking to start a weekly or bi-weekly post with links to things I think are worth sharing. Click the pink text to read more!

Wow. Crazy stuff. Eli Pariser discusses filter bubbles in his 2011 TED Talk.

My poor succulent plants are struggling right now. Vanessa over at the Late Afternoon Blog might have a solution to my problem!

This parable about a dog and a lizard is an impactful explanation privilege.

Although Virunga did not win the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature, it is still worth watching.

Two Loyola alumni spoke at my class last week about Fullscreen, a company that connects popular YouTubers and brands. Check out this awesome video of a partnership between Gatorade and a group of guys who have a popular YouTube channel (it only took him 13 attempts!!!!).

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