A Weekend in St. Louis

St. Louis as a Spring Break destination never crossed my mind until the Loyola Men’s Basketball participated in the Missouri Valley Conference Arch Madness tournament. I love basketball, so of course I jumped on the opportunity to watch the team play in St. Louis.

A view from the arch

I don’t think we got one photo with the entire Arch in it. That guy is huge! We made the trip to the top of the Arch for a panoramic view of the city. The ride up is in an itty bitty pod that barely fits five people. Definitely not a good place for anyone who doesn’t do well in small places. From the top of the Arch we were able to see the stadium where the St. Louis Cardinals play and the town hall. As you’ll notice in the photos below, there wasn’t much else to see haha.
A view from the Arch of Busch stadium A view from the arch A view from the arch

My favorite St. Louis adventure was to the City Museum. I would not consider that place to be a museum. It’s an adult playground! My friend Erin and I had the time of our lives running around that place like 10-year-olds. There were countless slides, tunnels, and hidden passageways. One of the slides was 10 stories tall. If that doesn’t bring out the inner kid in you, I don’t know what would!

  The Ramblers had an awesome win against Indiana State on Friday night. They upset Indiana State by 30! The student section was out of control. Easily one of my favorite Loyola basketball games. Unfortunately, the Ramblers fell to UNI in the semi-finals game on Saturday. I still love them, though. Go Ramblers!


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