Spring Clean Your Digital Life

Declutter your digital life

We are all familiar with spring cleaning a home, but have you ever considered spring cleaning  your digital life. I recently read an article about decluttering your digital life and I am all for it!

top takeaways:

  • Organize your inbox. How many emails do you receive each day from brands about sales or new products? Instead of immediately deleting them from your inbox, take the time to unsubscribe.
  • Edit your camera roll. Delete blurry photos or multiples. Organize the photos on your computer into folders and only keep the best photos. I am making an effort to edit my photos (crop, brighten) immediately after I upload them to my computer.
  • Unfollow people on social media. I unfollowed over 20 accounts on Twitter a few months ago and it was the best feeling. The accounts were extra noise in an already crowded online world.

Check out the full article at College Prepster.

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