An Easter Weekend To Myself

This weekend was not what I expected. I am such a planner, so I usually have a rough idea of how my days will play out. I wasn’t able to make it home to Minnesota for Easter because of my internship, so I was looking forward to a weekend to myself to catch up on a few things. I ended up being busier than I anticipated and did not cross a single thing off my to-do list. Whoops! Not the best considering there are only four weeks left in the semester… Where did this school year go?! I may not have completed any homework, but I was able to whip up a batch of cookies and watch a few episodes of Madmen. The important things in life, right? *wink wink*I babysat on Saturday for a little boy I picked up from school last year. We pretty much spent the entire day at the park along the lake, which was totally fine with me! Especially since he found a friend at the park 😉I have a job! I am working at a new bar, Heating and Cooling Pub, a block from Wrigley Field. I am starting as a host because I missed the training while I was in Florida, but hope to start serving soon. I worked my first shift on Easter, which also happened to be opening day for the Cubs. To say it was complete chaos is an understatement. The second host never showed up so I ended up working a 10 hour shift. How good do you think my bed felt after that day?

And the cookies! Oatmeal chocolate chip.

 A sign of spring in our front yard!

This is my last week at Wagstaff Worldwide. I’m not ready to leave!

Also, I am looking forward to hosting my mom’s cousin this weekend. She has never visited Chicago, so we both get to play tourist for a few days.

Have a great week!

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