My Summer Plans

Hello lovely people! Sorry for the silence over here. I finished up classes mid-April and have been busy working and solidifying my plans for this summer.


I am excited to be interning three days a week at Uproar PR‘s Chicago office. Uproar is a public relations agency that works with technology-based clients. This will be a great challenge for me! Their office has a much smaller staff than my last internship at Wagstaff Worldwide, so I have already had the opportunity to get to know everyone.

I will also be working at a couple of places this summer. I will continue hosting and serving at HVAC near Wrigley Field, and I will also be a hostess at The Terrace at Trump. I am beyond excited for these opportunities. I’m just going to jot down some comments because I don’t even know where to begin filling you in on my experience at Trump (Donald Trump is my boss! OMG!).

  • I went through two 8 hour days of training to learn all about the building, the Trump family, and how to best assist guest.
  • I received a lot of free food at that training 🙂
  • On the first day of training, the instructor said “You’re hired” (I was a big fan of the first couple seasons of The Apprentice).
  • A returning hostess said that in the warmer months people will wait two hours for a table on the Terrace!
  • Working on the Terrace is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I feel like I am in a whole other world. Chat with me in person if you’d like me to elaborate hah.

I am looking forward to an unforgettable summer in Chicago. Cheers to my last summer as a student!

4 thoughts on “My Summer Plans

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is very impressive, it looks like you will have a great summer in Chicago. We will miss not having you here in Minnesota. Love Mormor


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