Chicago Bucket List

Chicago Things to Do

I am beyond excited to spend a summer in Chicago! I love Chicago in the winter, so just imagine how obsessed I am going to be with it after an entire summer. This is my last summer before entering the workforce, so I am more than ready to make it a good one!

  1. HAVE THE BEST VEGETABLE GARDEN. I am very serious about this one
  2. Attend at least 2 neighborhood festivals a month
  3. Play in a volleyball league at North Ave. beach
  4. Explore a new beach and spend the day soaking up the sun
  5. Attend one music concert (preferably Lollapalooza)
  6. Make it to Wicker Park more
  7. Enjoy a Cubs game from the bleachers
  8. Pack a picnic and catch a movie in the park
  9. Try 4 new ice cream/custard places in Chicago
  10. Rollerblade all the way to downtown
  11. Volunteer
  12. Get out on the sailboat for a race
  13. Enjoy finally being legal during patio season!

What is on your summer bucket list? Anything I should add to mine?

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