A New Office!

 Uproar PR, the agency I’m interning at moved offices last Friday! I helped everyone pack up their stuff and make the move to River North. Coincidentally, the new office is two blocks from where I interned in the spring, so hopefully I can pop into Wagstaff a time or two to say hi to everyone.

In the new space, we share the basement of the building with one other company. I was unsure about this concept at first, but so far so good! The whole basement location hasn’t been bad either. There is plenty of natural light which is a must in my book. I’m a bit obsessed with the exposed brick and spray painted wall art (see above). Also, there is a ping-pong table steps from our desks, which is an added bonus. Side note: the company we share the basement with has multiple 3D printers! I constantly sneak over to the printers to see them in action. The red chair in the photo above was made with a 3D printer. Tooooo coooool.

Did I mention that there is an abundance of food at my new internship? It’s not quite on the same level as Glazed and Infused Donuts, but they did order Lou Malnati’s pizza the other day which is my favorite dip dish pizza in the city. If you haven’t already figured out, food is any easy way to my heart. 😉

I’ve come across a few cool office spaces in Chicago the last couple of months that offer unique co-working experiences perfect for the booming Startup and Kickstarter world. If I were my own boss, I’d definitely have a space in one of the offices below.

WeWork has numerous co-working office spaces across the US that provide services, events, and much more for its members. WeWork offers a variety of options from a private desk for one to a 6 person office (did I mention there is free beer?).

1871 is located on the 12th floor of Merchandise Mart and strives to connect entrepreneurs in a collaborative environment. I visited once and was impressed by the energy. It was very inspiring!

Level Office is actually where Uproar used to be located. Our small group had an office space with a door, but shared the communal 5th floor with the rest of the building. The communal room had a full kitchen, comfy couches, and tables to work at.

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