Live Music at HVAC

There is definitely not a shortage of live music in Chicago with weekly concerts in the parks and awesome acts at local theaters. One of the restaurants I serve at, HVAC, brings in various live bands throughout the week and I LOVE it. When I learned about Eventbrite’s Hometown Hunt project, it was a no brainer to give HVAC a little plug. Eventbrite is an online platform for discovering and promoting events. Seriously, if you don’t think there is anything going on in your city, check out the website and I promise you will find something nearby. Eventbrite also provides service and tools to promote your own event.

HVAC has the perfect setup for live music with a second floor balcony that overlooks the stage on the main floor. You can either bust a move on the dance floor in front of the stage or do some serious people watching from up above. There is always a great turn out for the live band karaoke. I never experienced anything like it before working at HVAC — it is such a fun concept! The band switches off between playing its own music and supporting a brave soul that wants to sing karaoke. I’m always impressed by the people who jump on stage to sing. There is some serious hidden talent out there. Cardinal HarborPersonnel and Fletcher Rockwell have also taken the stage at HVAC.

DJ set Big Data takes the HVAC stage this Friday. Keep up to date with all of HVAC’s upcoming events hereDon’t forget to check out Eventbrite for upcoming events in your area!

Photos via HVAC Pub

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