My Last Semester of Classes

College course books

Wow. My last semester college.

The last three years have gone by so fast.

I really had no idea what classes I signed up for before the first day, but I have been pleasantly surprised.

Fall 2015:

Communications & New Media

In this class I will be working on building a personal website that I can direct potential employers to (and learning a few other things too). Check out the start to my website! At some point, it will have my resume and a little bit more about me. Stay tuned!

Corporate & Organizational Communications

This is going to be a rough one. I am sooo not into corporate communications. I like the boutique agency setting like my internships at Wagstaff and Uproar PR.

Public Service Communications

I am very excited about this class. We are working with a real non-profit client to address some of their communication needs. I am the team leader for a local nonprofit called Chicago Shares. I will share more on this later.

New Media Criticism

Another great class. I took a similar course last semester and became aware of the millions of ways personal data is collected on people through their daily interactions with technology. We have great class discussions on the future of the Internet and surveillance in the digital age.

Ad/Pr Capstone

My capstone is a semester long project on a topic of my choice. I will create a public relations plan outlining the benefits of brand and blogger partnerships.

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