Happy October 1st!

Halloween Fireplace Decor

As I’m sure I’ve made clear many times on this blog, I am obsessed with Halloween. It is my absolute favorite holiday. I am a firm believer in not decorating for a holiday until the month of, so October 1st is a very exciting day for me. I think I get more excited about opening my box of Halloween decorations each year than open gifts at Christmas.

Class and work are preventing me from putting up my decorations today, so I’m making up for it by scanning decoration ideas on Pinterest. Yes, while in class… Sorry, Mom! I put together my favorite finds with links below. No wonder teachers are reluctant to have technology in the classroom…

Ps. How amazing is the fireplace above?! Fireplace goals right there.

Halloween Decorations Ideas 2015

Image sources

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Welcome, October!

2 thoughts on “Happy October 1st!

  1. gdonchetz says:

    Hey Danielle, this is Lanie, Georgi’s roommate, I just want to say it makes me so happy that your family goes all out for my favorite holiday. I’m guessing it is yours too!! 🙂 Your mantel looks amazing and I might put one in our dorm room just to do something cute like this!


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