A Donchetz Family Gathering in Indy

I went to bed last night with a full heart and a smile on my face. The weekend was wonderful.

The stress of classwork and figuring out life post-graduation has been taking its toll on me. I made a bold decision to leave my laptop behind for the weekend, and give myself a break from the group projects and daunting papers. The entire weekend, I was able to be fully present in the moment with the ones I love.

I am beyond thankful for an amazing family that supports and motivates me to live the life I want to live. After great life conversations with amazing Donchies, I am refreshed and ready to finish my last semester on a good note!

The festivities began Thursday night as everyone rolled into town. My dad’s entire family wasn’t able to make it, but we did have representatives from Minnesota, Chicago, South Bend, and NYC. I arrived in Indianapolis to a house full of my favorite people and delicious food. I was quickly reminded of the never-ending flow of food at family gatherings.  

We did not take a break the entire time we were in Indianapolis. The Runts woke up Friday morning to a parade of people arriving for breakfast (the Runts stayed at Aunt Leslie’s and everyone else was at a hotel nearby). After breakfast, we took a long walk into downtown Broad Ripple, did some food prep, and then jumped on the tiki boat!

The tiki boat was such a hoot! We boarded behind my aunt’s house and took a three-hour ride up and down the White River.

The main reason we all made the trip to Indy was to watch Georgi’s game at Butler. We headed to the game Friday night after our tiki boat adventure. I had a proud sister moment seeing Big G on the court. She has worked so hard and made sacrifices to be a D1 athlete.

We finished off the weekend in South Bend for the last home game of the season. The McFadden tailgate was a blast as usual. Check out past tailgate shenanigans here and here!

Cheers to the people Who remind you what life is all about!

One thought on “A Donchetz Family Gathering in Indy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing your great family weekend with us.
    and how much you appreciate and love your family, that
    is credit to all of you. We – the other family here in Minneapolis
    look forward to seeing you very soon. Love Mormor


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