Still in Love with Chicago

I spent about 10 days visiting Chicago at the beginning of February. It was so great to be back in one of my favorite cities. I love that city even when it’s freezing and the wind on your face feels like a thousand needles. I was busy my entire visit meeting up with friends and hanging out with my roommates at our apartment (ha! I feel like I am living such a double life).

Charli joined me at the end of my stay for official tours at Loyola and De Paul University. I’ve been pushing Loyola hard, but she is leaning towards De Paul… We crammed in a lot of eating and sightseeing during her 36 hours in Chicago. Chuck wasn’t able to visit Chicago while I was working at The Terrace this summer, so a stop to check out the view was a must. We enjoyed coffee and a dessert with one of the best views of Chicago.

Alana and I had lunch at Fig & Olive during Chicago Restaurant Week. We were both blown away by our meals. Such good food and great atmosphere!

My grandma was so sweet and drove me to Chicago. She spent a night with me before heading to Valporaiso to visit Georgi. We checked out some Chicago landmarks downtown and had a great dinner with Alana at Sienna Tavern.

Until next time, Chicago!

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