Takeaways from NYC

New York aerial view

Just like that I’m back from a whirlwind of a trip to NYC. I did a little of everything while I was visiting. I saw family, worked on figuring out my post-college life, and enjoyed exploring the city as a tourist. Check out a little more from my trip here and here.

The main reason for my trip was to network in NYC and get an idea of what types of jobs I am interested in. The hope is that in a few months when I’m ready to pull the trigger and move to NYC, those connections will help with job leads. My cousins were a huge help connecting me with people in various industries. So thankful they plowed the way for me!

While I still don’t know what my dream job is, I learned so much from my meetings with different people. Below are my top takeaways from my time in NYC.

  • My first job does not have to be the perfect job.

I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself to find the perfect first job, but multiple conversations with working professionals made me realize I need to chill out. I’m a smart gal and will be able to highlight transferable skills if I decide to make a major job leap.

  • Networking is huge.

Every person I met with while in NYC was the result of a connection with someone I knew. I had six interviews setup when I arrived in New York. By the end of my trip, I met with eleven people across multiple industries. Those additional meetings came from chatting with people who then introduced me to others.

  • Be open to everything.

I was open to meeting with people in every industry before heading to New York (well, maybe not finance or healthcare). This kept me open to taking interviews with people in a variety of industries. I met with people in fashion, sports, health & wellness, hospitality, and lifestyle.

  • Eliminating is easier than pinpointing.

I was stressing out that I had no idea what industry I wanted to go into. Through informational interviews, I realized that it is much easier to identify industries or job responsibilities I am not interested in as opposed to pinpointing what exactly I want to do.

Ha, so.. not too much to report. Just a good trip overall! We are headed to Florida next week for a week in the sun. Maybe I’ll hit the job search a little harder once we return. We’ll see..

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