Why My Mom is Amazing

Mother’s Day has been looming me around like a dark cloud the past couple weeks.  It feels like I’m getting a dagger to the heart each time I hear an advertisement reminding people to get their mom a gift. It is a painful, constant reminder that my mom is no longer with us.

This Mother’s Day is without a doubt going to be a tough one, but I am beyond grateful for the 22 years of love, encouragement, and fun I had with my mom.

There are a million reasons why I would choose my mom to be my mom over and over again. As I reflected on the last 22 years, bits from different parts of my life stood out. Below is what young Danielle would say about her mama if asked at that age. Oh, how I wish I would have written this list out for mom.

Why my mom is Amazing

6-year-old Danielle
  1. She gives me old blankets and clothespins, so I can make forts in the backyard
  2. She lets me set-up Barbie mansions all over the basement
  3. When I’m sick, there is nothing more comforting than her by my side
  4. She makes snack bowls with all types of treats when we watch movies
12-Year-Old DANIELLE
  1. My mom has so much love to give. She dotes on my friends as if they are her own kids
  2. We eat a home-cooked meal every night. I can’t even think of the last time we went to a restaurant because we enjoy my mom’s cooking so much
  3. She brought the entire community together by planning a Festival of Nations look-a-like at my school
  4. My school projects are always over the top because my mom is helping me, of course
  5. I always feel so special on my birthday, and my mom plans epic friends birthday parties i.e. neighbor scavenger hunt, mall scavenger hunt, CITY-wide scavenger hunt, Lord of the Rings scavenger hunt. EPIC.
  1. My mom is my best friend
  2. She pulled an all-nighter with me when I was in 9th grade to help me finish my autobiography scrapbook
  3. My mom helps me make the best costumes for spirit week i.e. raining cats and dogs, mosquito 
  4. She trusts me
  1. She isn’t letting cancer dominate every aspect of her life
  2. She is an entrepreneur
  3. I feel her love two states away
  4.  I am confident in my decisions because I know she is my biggest supporter

She is my idol

I hope I can be as great a mom as she is one day.

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