A day of flowers 

It may not feel like spring, but we’re still doing spring activities! Georgi and I had such a nice day with my Mormor. We spent the morning at Bachman’s Lyndale location picking out annuals for the garden. I felt like a little kid. I could not keep my hands off all the unique flowers. After dropping a pretty penny on plants, we had lunch in the cafe. Mormor and I split a quiche that was delish. Of course, we finished up our meal with a chocolate croissant.

After Bachman’s we stopped by a few gardens in Bloomington. One belonged to my grandma’s friend, and the other two were my grandma’s garden plots in Bloomington. The last photo is the view from my grandma’s garden at Pond Dakota Mission Park.

Pond-Dakota Mission Park is the site of the historic Oak Grove Mission and the 1856 Gideon and Agnes Pond House, pictured at right. Missionaries to the Dakota Indians and farmers and ministers in Bloomington, Gideon and brother Samuel had their roots in Washington, Connecticut. Young Gideon worked as a carpenter and a farmer, and Samuel as a clothier and teacher. During the “Great Awakening,” one of the 19th century spiritual revivals in America, the brothers heard the call to give their lives to God’s service. Their journey led them to Minnesota in 1834 where they served as farming instructors and missionaries to Chief Cloud Man’s band of Dakota Indians at Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. In 1843 the brothers followed Cloud Man to the Minnesota River bluff location where they founded the Oak Grove Mission.

Hopefully, we get some nice weather soon so we can get those plants in the ground!

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