East Coast Travels: Watch Hill, Rhode Island

I spent an amazing weekend in Watch Hill, RI. We stayed at the home of a family my cousin, Beret, is very close with. They built a gorgeous house that serves as a perfect weekend escape. The city had been unbearably hot, so I was grateful to receive an invite to sneak away for the weekend. We enjoyed lounging at the pool, playing tennis, and spending a day at the beach.

The Ocean House (in the photos above) was incredible. It is a seaside resort and beach club. We spent our beach day lounging at the Ocean House’s private beach with a Piña Colada in hand.

Can spot Taylor Swift’s RI house?

Tennis in all whites!

Of course, everyone I was with last weekend is very in to tennis. Tennis, unfortunately, is one sport I never learned to play growing up, but I joined the fun anyway. I had to borrow white tennis clothes (it was dresscode). For my first true tennis experience, I felt pretty legit. I was in all whites and playing on a clay court at a gorgeous country club.

How gorgeous is their home?!

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