The Amalfi Coast

Firing up this blog again to share photos from my recent trip to Europe! I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to the Amalfi Coast and Amsterdam (more to come on that) for work at the end of October. I led a press trip to one of the properties my team at Hue & Cry represents called Casa Angelina, a stunning 39-room whitewashed hotel located in the town of Praiano. All of the rooms at the hotel boast jaw-dropping views of the coastline. As you’ll see in some of the photos below, the large white windows frame the view perfectly, making it appear as if the view is a piece of art. By the end of my visit, I’m sure the staff was sick of hearing me constantly comment on how incredible the view was. It was impossible for me not to express my appreciation for the view every time I walked by one of those windows!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed I was having a very good time, but I was still working – I swear! Four US journalists based in Europe joined me at the property for three days to experience the property firsthand. The majority of media need to experience the property before they are able to write about it. The journalists that joined me write for publications including Condé Nast Traveler, Departures, Travel + Leisure,, Monocle, Red magazine, Fathom, among others.

Everyone was so lovely. We enjoyed meals together, a boat ride along the coast, lunch in Positano at Chez Black, the list goes on! We were very spoiled during our visit to Casa Angelina, making it quite difficult to return back to the grind of NYC.

Also, check out this article about Casa Angelina and Praiano on written by one of the journalists that joined me on the press trip!


My favorite part of Casa Angelina – by far – was the view of the sunset each night. The sunsets there were like nothing I have ever seen before. My mom loved watching the sunset from the beach whenever we visited Florida, so I always think of her whenever I watch a sunset now.



The Amalfi Coast By Sea

Chartering a boat is an absolute must if you ever visit the Amalfi Coast. The view from the water gives you a completely different perspective of the region.


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